Cape Town Chiropractor

Presumably you have landed on the Constantia Chiropractic Clinic site because you probably live in the Constantia area, the

Dr Kevin Lentin

Dr Kevin Lentin – Chiropractor, Wynberg, Southern Suburbs

southern suburbs of Cape Town or surrounds and are looking for a chiropractor.

If you have seen a chiropractor before it would be my pleasure to meet you and to share my 28 years of experience to assist you with your particular problem.

If you are still a little undecided if chiropractic is actually the specialty you are looking for to assist you, or if I am even the chiropractor you’d like to consult, perhaps the fact that I have been in practice for over 28 years and have seen in excess of 35,000 patients over that time, including 100’s of babies, thousands of elderly folk and many more thousands of everything in between, will assist you with your decision.

All those years translate into millions of chiropractic adjustments and mucho experience!

During that time I have sculpted, honed and developed my clinical, diagnostic, treatment and patient management skills to offer my patients an integrated and holistic approach to the management of their health and wellness.




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