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With 37 years experience, and tens of thousands of patients seen, it would be my privilege to assist you with your  challenges.

My Approach

I have three areas of specialty:

Chiropractic Treatments

Managing chiropractic conditions effectively requires three phases of care in order to provide the best results: 
Acute Phase Care, 
Corrective Phase Care &
 Wellness Phase Care

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is the fastest growing, scientifically based approach to embracing personalized and preventative medicine, worldwide. 

Functional Medicine looks at the ‘whole person’, not just the symptom. It’s about practicing ‘predictive diagnostics’ to analyze and assess trends and potential risk factors to, as far as possible, reverse the risks for chronic degenerative disease .

Functional Medicine, as practiced by Dr Lentin, aims to offer Therapeutic Lifestyle Interventions to turn one’s lifestyle into one’s own, personalised and individual therapy.

Weight Management

Obesity is one of the fastest growing diseases worldwide and is linked to virtually every form of chronic degenerative disease.

 Weight management and optimum body composition, therefore, forms an important focus as a preliminary Therapeutic Lifestyle Intervention with any preventative wellness strategy.

“Since I’ve seen Dr Lentin I have experienced less headaches and I don’t have to take my allergy medicine anymore. It has really helped. It has helped relieve most of the pain that I have felt and I’m not in as much pain as I used to be.”

Amy Volkers

“I had back surgery six months ago, and I still had pain in my back & numbness after surgery. I’ve been coming to see Dr.Lentin for about three months now and no sciatic pain, no numbness in my feet, no minor pain in my back. Things are healing well and hope to be fully recovered within another three to six months.”

Fred Collins

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Feel free to contact me to discuss any one of my areas of expertise.  I would love to hear from you.

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