2024 – Reset

Catapult yourself into 2024 with renewed purpose, clarity, vitality, and belief.

This workshop offers the blueprint, and roadmap, that will be the catalyst for your transformative journey to profound change where you will create the vision for revolutionary commitment to your personal growth.

Event Details

When: Saturday 9th March, 2024
Where: Brodie Room, Kelvin Grove Club, Campground Rd, Newlands
Time: 9am – 12.30 (please arrive at 8.30)
Cost: R395.00 (tea, coffee, biscuits incl.)

2023 was a tough year, on many different levels:

• Relationships
• Finances
• Career
• Mental health
• Illness
• Weight gain
• Limiting beliefs
• Having to live a non-authentic life

BEWARE: 2024 will present more of the same – UNLESS…

Dream More
Do More
Become More

Imagine waking up every day with that feeling of Inner Peace where you are in control, and experience complete emotional, mental, and physical tranquility and equilibrium.

Imagine being in a profound state of calmness and well-being that comes when you are in a harmonious relationship with yourself and your surrounding world.

Being in that state is the catalyst to…

• Being able to follow your passion and purpose in life
• Feeling authentic, fulfilled, and energized
• Enjoying your relationships at the deepest level of love and connection
• Always feeling happy, healthy, and terrific
• Enjoying everyday to the maximum

What is it for you when you attend?

Every statistic points to the fact that overwhelming distress is a global phenomenon…

• Overwhelm
• Anxiety
• Demands and pressure
• Mental, emotional, and physical fatigue
• Weight gain
• Stress
• Lack of purpose and meaning
• Hopelessness

All seem to be the hall-mark of existence today.

The time for a RESET has never been more important than it is right now.

Tap into Dr Kevin Lentin’s Blueprint for Success.
A tried, tested, and proven program where you will:

• Learn practical strategies to stem the downward spiral
• Adopt sustainable lifestyle changes that will reset, reprogram, and rejuvenate old, and destructive belief patterns
• Gain insights into how you can take control
• Learn about the secret missing ingredient that will change your life

About Kevin Lentin

Kevin has been told he has a ‘superpower’.

His response was, ‘ I’m not sure about a superpower, but I do know that when you are passionate about something, as I am about helping empower, enrich , and educate people about how they can change the trajectory of their lives, it may well be perceived as a superpower’

Kevin’s passion is backed by over 3 ½ decades of experience as an Integrative Chiropractor and Functional Wellness specialist.

Kevin has worked with thousands of individuals, nationally and internationally, both 1 : 1 and online, sharing his unique and one-of-a-kind approach to Functional Wellness.