Functional Wellness

Functional Wellness is a Lifestyle Medicine approach that focuses on evidence-based interventions to prevent, treat and manage chronic disease. Lifestyle medicine is often referred to as root-cause medicine as the aim is to move away from conventional symptom treatment and focus on root-cause assessment.

Functional Wellness promotes a proactive, and preventative approach to health. Chronic degenerative diseases (heart disease, diabetes, strokes, cancers, obesity, depression) are ‘conditions of lifestyle’ and can therefore be proactively managed in order to minimize, if not prevent the onset.

Functional Wellness protocols are not intended to replace or supersede any medical intervention. Functional Wellness protocols are designed to enhance, and where possible support the body in a more holistic way, thereby improving outcomes.  

Some patients are simply looking for more natural ways to manage their existing problems or to boost the effectiveness of the protocols they are currently following.

Functional Medicine


 1st Consultation: 

Prescribed nutritional supplements excluded 

R1295.00 (60 min)

This consultation will include:

  • Detailed history (medical, dietary, exercise, sleep etc.)
  • Physical examination (blood pressure, hip : waist ratio, anthropocentric assessment, weight, BMI)
  • Kinesiology Health Assessment (health syndromes)
  • Blood, saliva or urine test referral (if applicable) – for patients own account
  • DNA testing referral (if applicable) – for patients own account
  • Exercise prescription as applicable

    2nd Consultation

    Follow Up evaluation / progress report

    R965.00 (45 min)

    Any advice, suggestions or recommendations that I may offer is in no way intended to treat, manage or replace any medical diagnosis, treatment or management.

    My Functional Wellness program focuses on 3 primary areas, which, when out of balance, will lead to disease, and if left unattended

    I like to refer to these 3 areas as the ‘Golden Triangle’ of well-being and they include:

    • The physical body
    • The biochemical body
    • The psycho-emotional body

    Each area is carefully assessed using a combination of history taking, questionnaires, X-rays, and blood tests, as may be deemed necessary for each individual’s specific case.

    Management may include chiropractic, exercise prescription, weight management, supplementation, stress management techniques, sleep improvement, therapeutic lifestyle modifications, breathing exercises, Applied Kinesiology assessments, and Emotional Freedom techniques.

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